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The City of Lakewood identifies and prioritizes transportation improvement projects throughout the community (click on the images above to view either the list of Transportation Improvement Projects or a 6-Year (TIP) Transportation Improvement Program). Below are the projects the City of Lakewood is currently undertaking: 

Capital Improvement Projects

Outfall Water Quality Vaults Project

This project will retrofit three existing stormwater outfalls that currently discharge untreated stormwater into Flett Creek, Ponce De Leon Creek and Seeley Lake, respectively. The project will install water quality treatment structures into the existing stormwater conveyance systems upstream of the existing outfalls. The treatment structures are designed to remove oil and sediment from the stormwater thus improving water quality before discharging to the water bodies. The retrofit locations are in the vicinity of Steilacoom Blvd. and Mountain View Cemetery; Gravelly Lake Dr. north of Main St.; and 96th St. and 40th Ave.  Construction is scheduled to take place in spring 2016. Project Manager: Greg Vigoren, P.E.

LED Street Light Retrofit Project

This project will replace all existing city-owned street lights with energy efficent light-emitting-diode (LED) fixtures. The Tacoma Power and Lakeview Light and Power ares will be completed between December 2015 and March 2016. The Puget Sound Energy area lights will be completed in 2016. Project Manager: Weston Ott, P.E.

Madigan Access Improvements

This project will add one travel lane to the Berkeley Street overpass (aka. Freedom Bridge), ramp and street widening, and interconnected signal system. This project is funded through a Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment grant to improve access to military medical facilities. Project construction started in summer 2015 and will continue into 2016. Click here to the WSDOT project page which includes current project traffic impacts.   Project Manager: Troy Pokswinski, P.E.

South Tacoma Way: SR 512 to 96th Street SW

This project will provide curb and gutter, sidewalk, bicycle lanes, street lighting, storm drainage improvements, signal replacement / upgrade, and hot-mix asphalt (HMA) overlay to South Tacoma Way between State Route 512 and 96th Avenue SW. This project is funded by a “Transportation Improvement Board (TIB)” and a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) grant. Construction is anticipated to start in early 2016. Project Manager: Weston Ott, P.E.

Gravelly Lake Drive: 59th to Steilacoom Blvd

This project will complete curb, gutter, and sidewalks along Gravelly Lake Drive between 59th Avenue and Steilacoom Blvd. Construction is scheduled for 2016. Project Manager: Troy Pokswinski, P.E.

Gravelly Lake Drive: 100th to Bridgeport

This project will complete curb, gutter, sidewalks and street lighting along Gravelly Lake Drive between 100th Street and Bridgeport Way. This project will replace the traffic signal at Gravelly Lake Drive / Mt. Tacoma Drive. Construction is scheduled for 2016. Project Manager: Weston Ott, P.E.

Steilacoom Boulevard: Corridor Safety Improvements

This project will provide safety improvements to various locations along the Steilacoom Boulevard between Circle Drive (at Western State Hospital) and Lakeview Avenue. The major improvements include signal replacement at: Circle Drive; Custer; and Lakeview Avenue and upgrades at various other intersections to enhance signal operations and visability. In addition, curb, gutter, sidewalks, and street lights will be constructed between 88th and Custer Road. Construction is scheduled for 2016. Project Manager: Eric Swanstrom, P.E.

South Tacoma Way: Steilacoom Boulevard to 88th Street

This project will provide additional lane capacity and access management on South Tacoma Way between Steilacoom Boulevard and 88th Street including signal upgrade/replacement at So. Tacoma Way / Steilacoom and So. Tacoma Way/88th. Curb, gutter, and sidewalks will be completed where currently missing and existing sidewalk and ramps brought up to current standards. Construction is scheduled for 2016. Project Manager: Eric Swanstrom, P.E.

Woodbrook Phase II Sewer Extension

This project will extend sanitary sewers in the Lakewood neighborhood of Woodbrook (American Lake Gardens).  This work will extend the sewer lines constructed in the past 5 years as part of the larger Tillicum/American Lake Gardens project.  The gravity sewer lines will extend along 146th St. beginning 300 ft. west of Woodbrook Dr., along Woodbrook Dr. from 146th St. to 150th St., and along 150th St. west of Woodbrook Dr. approx. 800 ft.  Construction started in September 2015 and was suspended due to high ground water levels. The project will recommence on August 15, 2016. Project Manager: Troy Pokswinski, P.E.

Mandatory Sewer Connections

Per City of Lakewood Municipal Code, section 12A.15, all properties adjacent to the newly-constructed sewer main will be required to connect to the sewer. A property owner choosing not to connect to the sewer within 90-days of “notice of availability” shall pay the City of Lakewood a monthly availability charge prior to making the connection. The “availability” charge is equivalent to the monthly sewer service charge (including all applicable fees, taxes, and surcharges). Property owners will have 5 years from “notice of availability” to connect to the sewer.  

Sewer Connection Loan Programs

Limited funds are available to assist with connecting to the sewer. Contact (253) 589-2489 for additional information. Project Manager: Greg Vigoren, P.E.


Project Contact Information:
Phone: (253) 589-2489

Bridgeport Way: JBLM to I-5

This project will provide curb, gutter, sidewalks, sharrows, street lighting, street reconstruction and overlay on Bridgeport Way from McChord Drive to Interstate 5 ramps. Construction scheduled to start in early 2016. Project Manager: Eric Swanstrom, P.E.

Overlay Projects

108th Street: Main Street to Bridgeport Way

Pavment Reconstruction Project with update to curb ramps as needed. Construction scheduled for spring 2016. Project Manager: Weston Ott, P.E.

Capital Improvements Projects (funded for design only)

Steilacoom Blvd: Puyallup Ave (Town of Steilacoom) to Phillips Rd

This is a joint project between City of Lakewood and Town of Steilaocom to complete design of curb, gutter , sidewlaks, street lighting, HMA overlay and associated storm drainage. The project is anticipated to go through right-of-way acquisition and construction in phases beginning in 2017 as funding becomes available.

112th / 111th Street: Bridgeport Way to Kendrick Street

This project will provide for curb, gutter, sidewalk, bicycle lanes, and street lighting on both sides of 112th /111th Streets between Bridgeport Way and Kendrick Street.  Currently, this project is funded for design only and will be constructed as funds became available.  Project Manager: Troy Pokswinski, P.E.

Capital Improvements Projects (other utilities)

See the attached links to projects to be completed by other utilities in Lakewood.