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The online Standard Plans and Specifications effective November 2, 2009, contain engineering drawings that are used for road, bridge, and municipal construction.

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Public Works Development Guidelines

The Development Review staff of the Public Works Department SWM Division are devoted to ensuring that development within the City of Lakewood meets current city codes and development standards. The Development Review staff work to accomplish this goal by being involved in all types and phases of development within the City, providing technical project review, project permitting and construction inspection. Our goal is to work closely with developers, contractors and property owners to provide them with a thorough, accurate, and timely review of their projects and to provide guidance when needed to help bring projects to fruition.

Development Guidelines as related to Public Works are as follows:

Public Works Code - Municipal Code Title 12A
Engineering Standards
Lakewood Comprehensive Plan - LOS Standards

Additional development requirements related to land use and development can be found in the following Municipal Code sections:

Title 18A: Land Use and Development Code
Title 17: Subdivisions